Warranty Info

Big Wasp offers a One Year Warranty for all tattoo machines.

Big Wasp feature a one year warranty on all parts. If your machine breaks before one year of purchasing, send the tattoo machine along with your receipt to the address below and we will either fix it or send you a new tattoo machine.

The One Year Warranty is voided if you:
- Overlubed your machine
- Dropped your machine
- Tampered with the motor
- Replaced parts on your own

Service Info

If it has been longer than a year, don’t worry, unlike other rotary companies that gouge you on repair prices or replacement parts, we don’t do that to our customers because unlike other companies that sell expensive rotaries, Big Wasp is Tattoo Artist Owned and knows how to treat his peers. WE SELL ALL REPLACEMENT PARTS JUST A FEW BUCKS OVER COST.

Have a Question? Send us an email at info@bigwasptattoosupply.com or call us at 1-718-200-6377