About Us

Who We Are?

Big Wasp Tattoo Device Inc. is a tattoo equipment technology company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing proprietary tattoo needle cartridges and grips. Back in 2005, the founder and owner of the company, who remains his position as our main mechanical engineer, went on a research mission into the processes of tattoo equipment manufacturing. Captivated by the idea of designing highly efficient top-quality product, he believed compatible tattoo needle cartridges to be the future of the industry.

While conducting a thorough research into the manufacturing processes and industry trends, he became confident that his vision of delivering innovative product can become a reality. His vision was simple – Working to be the best manufacturers and use only top-quality medical-grade materials for every single item. And he didn't miss a beat! By 2008 the company was shipping internationally from the Shanghai headquarters.

Today, we're more focused on innovation than ever before. As we grow our ranks and capabilities, we look to the future of expanding our product collection, designing new equipment, and wholeheartedly supporting our beloved tattoo community!